parking requirements by city:

Note: The references below may not all be used in any graphic thus far. My intention is to make them as complete as possible so as to facilitate future use and use by others. Despite my best efforts, it is difficult to ensure that all special circumstances in each city’s code are documented.

BOLD indicates the section pertaining to the CBD or downtown.


standard requirements: Albuquerque Code of Ordinances § 14-16-3-1

reductions: § 14-16-3-1(E)(6),

special zones: § 14-16-2-25(J), § 14-16-3-22(B)(1)(j), § 14-16-3-22(B)(2)(j), § 14-16-3-22(B)(3)(j), § 14-16-3-22(4)(2)(j), § 14-16-3-22(B)(5)(j)


standard requirements: Atlanta, GA Code of Ordinances Part III, Part 16 (all requirements are by zone)

Restaurants: may be found in the following locations: § 16-11.010§ 16-12.009§ 16-13.009§ 16-14.009§ 16-15.008§ 16-16.009§ 16-17.009§ 16-18A.015§ 16-18C.009§ 16-18D.009§ 16-18I.023§ 16-18K.016§ 16-18L.016§ 16-18O.022§ 16-18P.022§ 16-18R.021§ 16-18T.022§ 16-18U.024§ 16-18V.019§ 16-19B.006§ 16-19C.006§ 16-20A.010.19§ 16-20A.011.17§ 16-20N.007.3§ 16-20N.008.11§ 16-32.023§ 16-32F.002.7§ 16-32G.003.9§ 16-33.020§ 16-34.021


standard requirements: The code of the City of Austin, Texas § 25-6 Appendix A and established in § 25-6-471

reductions or exemptions: § 25-6-476§ 25-6-478§ 25-6-591§ 25-6-601§ 25-6-611§ 25-3-83


standard requirements: Baltimore Zoning Code §10-405

reductions or exemptions: §10-502.b-d, §10-207


standard requirements: Boston Zoning Code and Enabling Act § 23 using the use codes specified in § 8-7 Table A

reductions, exemptions, special cases: §3-1A.b§3-1A.c§6-3A, Art. 8 Table A – Use 8 and 8A, §23-6§27D-8.6(b)(2)§36-11§38-14.3§38-22§41-14.1§41-19§42A-10.1, §42B-10.1, §42E-10, §42F-10§43-16.1§43-17.5, §44-11, §45-18, §46-10, §47A-13§87A-8

neighborhood districts:  §50-43 and Table H§51-56 and Table J§52-25 and Table E§53-56 and Table N§54-21 and Table E§55-40 and Table J§56-39 and Table I§57-26 and Table E§58-18 and Table D§59-37 and Table J§60-40 and Table H§61-24 and Table D§62-29 and Table E§63-24 and Table D§64-36 and Table H§65-41 and Table F§66-42 and Table F§67-32 and Table F§68-33 and Table F§69-29 and Table F§70-15§71-15§72-15§73-15


standard requirements: Charlotte, NC Code of Ordinances, Part II, Appendix A § 12.202

reductions or exemptions: §12.202(4), §12.205§12.203

special zones: §9.1208(6)§9.8507§9.907§9.1007§9.408§11.705(9)(a)§11.506§10.812(2)


standard requirements: Chicago Municipal Code – Chicago Zoning Ordinance § 17-10-0207

reductions or exemptions: §17-10-0102 ,  §17-10-0208§17-10-0700§17-10-0800


standard requirements: Cleveland, OH Code of Ordinances § 349.04

reductions or exemptions: §349.11

special cases: §349.10(c)§337.13§343.23(i)§344.08(d),

Colorado Springs

standard requirements: Colorado Springs City Code § 7.4.203

reductions or exemptions: §7.4.203(F), §7.4.206§7.3.505(D)§7.3.507.E.1§7.3.712§7.3.907.A.19


standard requirements: Columbus Code of Ordinances § 3312.49 C

reductions or exemptions: §3312.03.C§3374.05§3359.13§3320.19.3§3372.609.B§3372.709.B,


standard requirements: Dallas Development Code Division 51A-4.200

Apartments: §51A-4.209(5)(C)

Restaurants: §51A-4.210(24)(C)

Offices: §51A-4.207(5)(C)

Schools: §51A-4.204(17)(C)

Religious Facilities: §51A-4.204(4)(C)

reductions or exemptions:  §51A-4.124(a)(5)(B), §51A-4.124(b)(5)§51-4.127(c)(5)§51A-4.301(c)(6)§51A-4.301(c)(7)(C)§54A-4.311 – 313Form Districts: §51A-13.402(a)(2), §51A-13.403, §51A-13.404


standard requirements: by zone in the Denver Zoning Code §3.4.4, §4.4.4§5.4.4§6.4.4§7.4.4, §8.9.4, §§§, §  (alternate links)

reductions, exemptions and special zones: §, §§§§, §10.4.4, §, § (maximums), §


standard requirements: Detroit Zoning Code Off-Street Parking Schedules A, B, and C:  § 61-14-21 through § 61-14-72. (alternate link)

reductions or exemptions: §61-11-233, §61-14-7, §61-14-109, §61-14-111, §61-14-114, §61-14-103

El Paso

standard requirements: El Paso, TX Code of Ordinances Title 20 Appendix C and § 20.14. Miscellaneous base requirements for other uses in §20.10

reductions or exemptions: §20.14.050.D§20.14.060§20.14.070§20.10.280.D§20.10.360.B.2.c§20.10.360.F.3

Fort Worth

standard requirements: Fort Worth, TX Code of Ordinances Appendix A § 6.201

reductions, exemptions, and special uses: §6.200.D§6.506.G, §4.200.D.2§4.202.C.2.b§§4.713.D.1§4.900.D.1.b§4.901.D.1§4.902.D.1§4.903.D.1§4.904.D.1§4.905.D.1 (CBD), §4.1000.D.1§4.1003.D.1§4.1004.D.1§4.1103.B.4§4.1104.G§4.1300.D.1, –2, –4.d, and –4.f, §4.1301.D.1, –2, –4.d, and –4.f, §4.1302.D.1, –2, –4.d, and –4.f, §4.1303.D.1, –2, –4.d, and –4.f, §5.106.2, §5.017A.15, §5.108.6, §5.134.A.10, §5.135.4, §6.201.B.1 (no requirements for any use over 250 ft away from 1 and 2 family residential zones),


standard requirements: City of Fresno, CA Code of Ordinances §12-306.I and misc. use requirements in §12-306.N

uses not specified in the above sections are subject to requirements by district:  §12-215.5.I§12-215.14.I§12-216.5.I§12-217.5.I§12-218.5.I, §12-219.5.I, §12-220.5.I, §12-222.5.I, §12-224.5.I, §12-226.5.I, §12-226.14.I, §12-231.5.I, §12-232.4.I

reductions or exemptions: §12.306.I.2.1.d, §12.306.I.2.2.d(3)§12-324.C.3.a(1)


standard requirements: Houston, TX Code of Ordinances § 26-492

reductions or exemptions: §26-499§26-500(f) through (h)


standard requirements: Indianapolis/Marion County City Code

Apartments in a residential district: § 731-221.e and §731-209(b)(5)e and f§731-210(b)(5)e and f§731-211(b)(5)e and f§731-212(b)(5)e and f§731-213(b)(5)a through e, §731-214(b)(5)a through f, §731-215(b)(9) 

Commercial districts: § 732-211.k

Industrial districts: § 733-210.b.9

reductions or exemptions: §735-750(h)(5)§735-750(i)(2)d§732-211(m)§732-216(d), §735-760(f)(1)h, §735-203(b)(3)c§735-202(a)(1)

Jacksonville, FL

standard requirements: Jacksonville, FL Code of Ordinances § 656.604

reductions or exemptions and special uses: §656.607(d)§656.1404(2)§656.401(b)(1), §656.344(f), §656.399.22(2), §656.399.23(3)§656.399.24(6)§656.399.25(2)§656.382(g), §656.368.I(j), §656.368.II(j) and (k), §656.368.III(l) and (m)§656.368.IV(k) and (l)§656.361.16(a) – (e)

Kansas City, MO

standard requirements: Kansas City, MO Zoning and Development Code  § 88-420-06

other uses: §88-350-02-C, §88-320-02-B

reductions or exemptions: §88-420-04; §88-420-15-I, -K, -M, -M, and -P; §88-230-03-D

Las Vegas

standard requirements: Las Vegas Unified Development Code § 19.12.060 through .070

zone specific multifamily residential: §19.06.110 Table 6, §19.06.120 Table 6

reductions or exemptions: §19.10.110.C, §19.10.120.D, §19.18.030.D.4.b – e

Los Angeles

standard requirements: Los Angeles Municipal Code § 12.21.A.4

reductions, exemptions, and special cases: §13.12.C.2§13.04.E.6§14.00.A.8(a)(7) and -A.9§13.09.E.3, §13.15.D, §12.95.2.H, §12.95.3.F,  §12.17.6.A.8(e), §12.19.A.4(b)(4), §12.22.A.25(d), §12.22.A.29(c)(3) and (4), §12.21.A.4(i), (p), (u), (w), (x) et. al., §12.21.A.17(h)

various applications for reductions in §12.24

by district:

Alameda District Plan: Sec.5.B.3 and Sec.11.E.4 through 7

Avenue 57 TOD Plan: Sec.6.B.4

Central City West Plan: Sec.10

Century City South Plan: Sec.6.A.2.c.4 and Sec.6.B.6

Colorado Blvd. Plan: Sec.13

Crenshaw Corridor Plan: Sec.12

Devonshire/Topanga Corridor Plan: Sec.10

Foothill Blvd. Corridor Plan: Sec.7.B.4

Girard Tract Plan: Sec.5.A.2

Glencoe/Maxella Plan: Sec.6.F

Granada Hills Plan: Sec.8

Hollywoodland Plan: Sec.7.C

L.A. Sports and Entertainment District: Sec.14.D.2, 4, and 5

N. Westwood Village Plan: Sec. 5.C

N. University Park Plan: Sec.2.F.1.g.8

Oxford Triangle Plan: Sec.6.A.2

Pacific Palisades Commercial Village and Neighborhoods: Sec.10.B

Park Mile Plan: Sec.6.B

Playa Vista Area B: Sec.9.A

Playa Vista Area C: Sec.9.A

Playa Vista Area D: Sec.9.A

San Vicente Scenic Corridor: Sec.12.A

Valley Village Plan: Sec.8

Venice Coastal Zone Plan: Sec. 13

Ventura-Cahuenga Blvd. Plan: Sec. 7.F

Vermont/Western TOD Plan: Sec.6.M; Sec.7.G.1 and 3; Sec.8.E.1 and 3; Sec.9.E.1, 3, and 4

Warner Center Plan: Sec.12; Sec.17.A.5(b)(3); Appendix A.A.3

Westwood Community Multi-Family Plan: Sec.5.B

Westwood Village Plan: Sec.9.A

Wilshire-Westwood Scenic Corridor: Sec.6


Chatsworth-Porter Ranch Community Plan: Land Use–Commerce–Standards and Criteria; Land Use–Industry–Standards and Criteria

Palms-Mar Vista-Del Rey Community Plan: Page III-28 4.a

Central City Community Plan: 11-7.2; Page IV-11 — Programs


standard requirements: Louisville Land Development Code §9.1

reductions, exemptions, and misc.: LDC §9.1.3.F Table 9.1.1§9.1.6§9.1.16Table 2.8 (Appendix 2B)§4.2.3.D§4.2.4.F,  §4.2.10.B,  §4.2.18.D,  §4.2.31.C,  §4.2.41.F,  §4.2.47.D,  §4.2.58.F,  §4.3.8.F,  §4.4.8.E.6§5.3.5.D.2


standard requirements: Memphis, TN Code of Ordinances § (alternate link)

reductions or exemptions: §2.6.3.N.4.e, §2.6.3.Q.4.a, §2.7.3.B.2, §3.8.6.B.2, §4.5.3.E, §4.5.4.B, §7.2.1.F.1, §7.2.2.F.1 §7.2.3.G.1, §7.2.4.F.1, §7.2.5.F.1, §7.2.6.F.1, §7.2.7.F.1, §7.3.5.E, §7.3.6.E, §7.3.7.E, §7.3.9.E, §7.3.12, §8.2.8.E.1, §8.3.10.E.1


standard requirements: Mesa Zoning Ordinance § 11-32-3

reductions, exemptions, and form based code districts: §11-32-5§11-32-6§11-32-7.E, F, and G§11-58-4.F§11-58-5.F§11-58-6.F§11-58-7.F§11-58-8.F§11-58-9.F§11-58-10.F§11-58-11.F§11-58-12.D.2 and 5§11-58-12.E.16


standard requirements:  Miami 21 Code § 3.6 and Article 4–Table 4

special cases: Miami Municipal Code: §35-220, Miami 21 Code: §3.6.1.c and d, §3.6.7, §3.15.4, Article 4–Table 5, Article 6–Table 13–Auto related commercial and childcare


standard requirements:  City of Milwaukee Code of Ordinances § 295-403

reductions: §295-403.2.b

special use: §295-603.2.i-2-d


standard requirements:  Minneapolis, MN, Code of Ordinances §541.170 Table 541-1

reductions, special cases, and maximums: §551.140(f)§551.160(1), §551.165(1)§551.175(5)§551.280§551.290§551.765§551.1320(a)§551.1340§541.170 Table 541-2


standard requirements: Metro Government of Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee, Code of Ordinances § 17.20.030

reductions or exemptions: §17.20.040§17.20.100§17.20.110§17.36.120.C.2.c,

New Orleans

standard requirements: New Orleans, LA Zoning Ordinance § 15.2 

reductions or exemptions: §, §, §, §15.2.7, §, §15.2.11

misc. uses by zone:  §, §, §, §, §, §, §4.10.8, §§5.3.8, §, §, §, §, §, §, §, §5.8.8.d§9A.2.5.4, §9A.3.5.9, §9A.5.5.4, §9A.10.5.2§, §

New York

standard requirements: Zoning Resolution of the City of New York

Portions of Manhattan and Queens: §13-40 through §13-42

Residential Districts: §25-20 through §25-23 and §25-31

Commercial Districts: §36-21 and §36-31 through § 36-33

Manufacturing Districts: §44-21 and §44-28

general reductions or exemptions: §23-146(g)§25-211(d)§25-241§25-242§25-243§25-25§25-26§25-33§25-35§25-542§36-022§36-23§36-25§36-27§36-312(b)§36-341 through §36-345§36-35§36-361 through –364§36-442§44-211§44-23§44-25§44-27§44-332

special regulations: §62-43§63-25§63 Appendix B§73-122(c)§73-17(d)§73-311(d)§73-43§73-44§74-45(e)§74-93(a)§78-42

overlay zones: §84-141 and –142, §84-341, §86-41, §86-43, §91-51, §93-80 through –822, §94-083, §94-114, §95-09, §96-111, §97-52, §99-06, §101-51, §101-631, §101-741, §104-71, §107-471, §108-20, §109-16, §112-111, §112-112, §113-562, §115-51, §117-54(a)(2), §117-64(a)(2) and –(b)(2), §122-60, §125-53, §126-31(b), §126-42, §128-51, §131-51

assorted maximums: §13-11, §13-12, §13-13, §23-12(h), §25-12 through §25-19, §36-12 through §36-14, §44-12 through §44-14, §73-48, §81-84(b), §82-50(a), §92-05

Oklahoma City

standard requirements: Oklahoma City, OK Code of Ordinances § 59-10600

reductions or exemptions: §59.7200.F(4)§59.7350.3.C§59.7350.4.B§59.13400§59.13500.9.C(4)(a)§59.13750.5.D§59.10300, §59.10600.3, §59.10600.5


standard requirements: Omaha, NE Code of Ordinances § 55-734

reductions or exemptions: §55-387(b)§55-427(b)§55-733§55-736§55-739


standard requirements: Orlando, FL Code of Ordinances § 61.322

reductions or exemptions: §68.201 Figure 68-C§62.404-Parking§62.407(i)(2)§62.496-LAND USE AND SITE DESIGN.7§61.342§61.323


standard requirements: The Philadelphia Code § 14-802

reductions, exemptions, or special cases: §14-404(5)§14-405(5)§14-406(5)§14-502(6)(c)(.1)§14-503(2)(c)(.1)§14-503(4)(d)(.1)§14-503(4)(e)§14-506(2)(b)(.4)§14-506(3)(c)§14-507(11)§14-509(3)(j)§14-509(3)(n)§14-513(5)(b)§14-513(6)(b), §14-603(7)(e)§14-802(7)§14-802(8), §14-802-2


standard requirements: City of Phoenix Zoning Ordinance § 702.C

reductions or exemptions: §616.C.6.d§620.C.1.d(1) and e(1)§624.D.87.e§642.I§644.E.3§653.B.5.f§653.B.7.w.5§660.E, §662.L.1.a, §663.L.1.a, §665.G, §665.H.Table 1–Illustration 3, §669.E, §672.K§1206.B.1§1223.B.1.d and e§702.D§702.E.2 through 9


standard requirements: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Code of Ordinances § 914.02

reductions or exemptions: §914.04§914.05.E§914.07.G.1 and 2§914.11.A.1§914.11.B.4

specific use standards: §911.04.A–:  –7(e)(2), –8(a)(3), –9(a)(3), –41(a)(1)d, et. al., –54(c)(2), –56(b)(2), –57(c)(2), –66(a)(1)(vi), –66(b)(6), –66(c)(1)(vi), –84(d), –94(g), –95A(f), –95B(a)(vi)

Portland, OR

standard requirements: Portland, OR Zoning Code § 33.266.110

reductions, exemptions, and special uses: §33.110.213.C.5, Table 130-3§33.205.030.C.5§33.229.040.C.1§33.236.050.C.3§33.237.100.B.1.a(1) and b(1)§33.450.420§33.505.220§33.508.260.B, Table 508-2§33.521.290.B, §33.526.340.B, §33.532.110.C.2, §33.536.290.C§33.555.280, §33.562.130.E.2§33.562.280.B, §33.567.040.A§33.510.261 through 267, §33.266.110.B


standard requirements: Raleigh, NC, Code of Ordinances § 10-2081

reductions or exemptions: §10-2144(b)–Hospital hospitality house (5)§10-2072(b)–Family Childcar Home (3)§10-2072(B)–State law reference: North Carolina Building Code (6)§10-2051(d)(1)b.1§10-2051(e)(1)§10-2055(e)(1)§10-2062(e)(1)§10-2081(c), Additional standards may be found in zone specific Streetscape and Parking Standards plans.


standard requirements: Sacramento City Code § 17.64.030

reductions or exemptions: §17.56.050.C§17.120.100.B.5§17.120.150§17.128.030.B.1.c.v(B)§§17.64.020.F.1, H, I, and J§17.64.070§17.64.080, Additional standards may be found within individual Planned Unit Development guidelines.

San Antonio

standard requirements: San Antonio, TX Unified Development Code § 35-526

reductions or exemptions: §35-523(i)(1)§35-203(m)§35-207(m)(2)§35-208(n)§35-209(c)(3)B.3, –C.4, and –D.4§35-209(e)(2)D.5Tables 209-14A, B, and C§35-374(g)§35-390(f)§35-341(g)§35-343(k)§35-358(d)(3)C, –(e)(3)C, and –(f)(3)E§35-310.05a(b)(8)§35-310.15(b)(5)A§35-310.18(a)(3)I, §35-526(a), –(g), and –(h)

San Diego

standard requirements: San Diego Municipal Code § 142.0520 – § 142.0530

reductions, exemptions, and special uses: §131.0446(e) and (f)§141.0205(e)§141.0301(d)§141.0302(h)§141.0303(a)(1)(D), –(a)(2)(F), and –(b)(6)§141.0304(b)§141.0310(d)(1)§141.0312(i)§141.0313(h)§141.0406(i), §141.0412(b)(7), –(c)(5), and –(d)(3), §141.0503(a)(3) and –(b)(3), §141.0505(g), §141.0603(a)(4) and –(b)(5), §141.0604(b)(3), §141.0605(d)§141.0609(c), §141.0614(a)§141.0617(a), §141.0620(e)(6) and –(f)(7)§141.0621(o), §141.0623(a)§141.0624(b)(4), §143.0340(k) and (l)§143.0740(g), §152.0314(a)(5)(A)§152.0402, §153.0309(c)§154.0301(g)(1), §155.0251(b)(1)§155.0252(a), §156.0313§157.0401, §159.0211(b)(3)(B), §1510.0304(e)(2), –(7)(c), –(8)(b), and –(9)(b), §1510.0401(f)(1), §1511.0401, §1512.0402(a), §1512.0404(a)(2), §1513.0403(c), §1516.0402(a), §142.0527, §142.0540, §142.0545, §142.0550, Transit reductions built into base tables.

of interest: Division 19.8

San Francisco

standard requirements: San Francisco Planning Code § 151

special zones: §242(e)(4), §249.13(c)(10)§249.18(b)(3)§249.24(d)(3)§249.32(b)(1)§249.35A(d)(3)§249.35B(f)(2)§249.41(b)(4)§249.42(a)(4)§249.49(c)(1)§249.52(e)(7)§249.54(c)(10)§249.64(b)(5)§249.65(c)(3)§249.70(b)(3), subsections .22 and .94 respectively for all sections §710 through §742 and sections §810, §811, and §812, §814.10 and .11, §827.23, .24, and .50, §829.23, .24, and .50, subsections .08 and .10 respectively for sections §840 through §843, §960(a), §961(a), §962(a), §963(a)§965

reductions or exemptions:  §307(g) and (i)§151.1, §160(b), §161,

unbundled parking and residential: §167

San Jose

standard requirements: San Jose, CA Code of Ordinances § 20.90.060

reductions, exemptions, and special cases: §5.08.450.A.2§20.30.150.I§20.50.130.C§20.75.130.B.2§20.80.850-Parking.2§20.170.300.1§20.70.100.I and Table 20-140§20.70.330, §20.70.370.B through D, §20.70.385, §20.90.220, Table 20-211


standard requirements: Seattle Municipal Code § 23.54.015 and §23.54.016.B

reductions or exemptions: §23.44.041.A.5§23.45.545.I.7§23.49.019.A and C§23.74.010.A.1.b, §23.60.196.D, §23.66.342.B, §23.71.016.A, –B, and –C, §23.75.180.A, –B, and –C, §23.54.015.B, –C, –D, and –G, §23.54.020

St. Louis

standard requirements are by zone: St. Louis City Code §26.20.030 through –040§26.28.030 through –040§26.32.030 through –045§26.36.040§26.40.026.B.1.f§26.40.030 through –040§26.44.030 through –040

exempt zones: §26.52.030§26.64.030


standard requirements: Tampa, FL Code of Ordinances §27-283.7

reductions or exemptions: §27-178(b) and (d) and Table 8-3, §27-168(f)(4)a, §27-187(a), (d), and (g), §27-200(a) and (c), §27-211.12(a), Tables 211.2.– 1c, 2c, 3c, 4c, 5c, and 6c, §27-238(h), §27-240(j), §27-241(f)(1)d.4.i, §27-241(f)(2)c.8, §27-241(h), §27-283.4, §27-283.10, Table 18-3


standard requirements: Tucson Unified Development Code  §7.4.4.B (effective 2 January 2013)

reductions, exemptions, downtown: §4.9.4.E.6§4.9.9.A.7, §5.4.6.B§5.9.8§5.12.4.C.3.a§5.12.5.B.6§7.4.4.A§7.4.5


standard requirements: City of Tulsa, OK Zoning Code established §1300.A and enumerated for each use in Chapter 12

Apartments: § 1208.D

Restaurants: § 1212.D

Offices: § 1211.D

Schools: § 1205.C

Religious Facilities: § 1205.C

reductions or exemptions: §1305§700.E§1200.D

of interest: PLANiTULSA and Tulsa Comprehensive Plan. Various small area plans have recommended local reductions in parking requirements, but I have not found evidence that these recommendations have yet be adopted into the code.

Washington D.C.

standard requirements: D.C. Municipal Regulations § 11-2101

reductions or exemptions: §11-2102, §11-2103, §11-2104, §11-2105§11-2106, §11-2107, §11-2108, §11-2120, §11-2911.2§11-1901.5§510.3



    • Thanks Paul,

      There’s currently only one graphic that takes into account downtown minimums, the one for offices. It accounts for the downtown exemption in the bar graph. You’ll also notice that the downtown exemption is bolded on this sources page.

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